Tidying Up

I’ve got a new obsession. Have  you seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix? The premise is fantastic. Who doesn’t want to clean up the messes in our homes? C’mon- we all have them somewhere. Closets? That junk drawer in the kitchen? Old photographs? The garage? Just admit it and you’ll feel better! Marie … More Tidying Up

Transform 20

I’m trying something new, friends. Over the past year, my fitness routine has taken a back seat. I’ve been so far back that I should probably say that I’ve been riding in the trunk. Yes- I did a pretty decent job of running a few miles for a few days a week throughout the summer … More Transform 20

My Two Words

I really love the idea of choosing one word to get me through a new year. It provides a focus. It anchors me. It points North whenever I stray. For 2019, I’m tweaking that one-word formula a bit. I’m choosing two words. I recently read Everybody Always by Bob Goff. Read is probably too fluffy of a … More My Two Words