REPOST- Shop Small Saturday at Cyber Monday Prices

Thought I’d share a post from my Ready Set Peach site that features premium apparel and accessories for all the ladies- young and old- in your life. Happy shopping!!

Don’t you just love to shop small whether it be an actual brick-and-mortar place, handmade pieces sold by artists, or an online link? You probably know the owner by name. They probably see items that remind them of your style or needs.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.01.55 AM

The potter knows you love a great mug. The running shoe store knows you run more trail miles than streets. The fashion stylist knows you love fabrics that have easy care and your favorite color is black.

It’s true that every small business owner actually does a happy dance when you make a purchase. It helps us to meet personal and financial goals. We get true satisfaction from helping you! With small business owners, you are not simply a sale. You are appreciated.

On behalf of all small business owners, I say THANK YOU!


At my small business link, you’ll get 20% off SITEWIDE from now through midnight on Cyber Monday!

Here are a few specialized links to make your shopping experience a little easier:

To browse the entire site, click HERE

For Peach accessories, click HERE

Take advantage of the SALE on sale, click HERE

For the Holiday Gift Guide, click HERE

As always, thanks for shopping small!

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