Are you over 50, but just don’t feel like acting your age? I get it! Age is just a number and, if we are blessed, we will get to have a lot of them. It represents wisdom. It brings experience. It is the sweetest gift to all who receive the privilege of aging.

Growing older shouldn’t be a time of slowing down. Sure, we may feel aches and pains, but those shouldn’t stop us from living out loud! Let’s use the understanding that comes from lives well lived. Let’s keep exploring all of the delicious things that life has to offer. Let’s share our stories for future generations to enjoy. It’s now or never!

Think of this blog as a space for everything we need to know- from health and wellness to travel and technology or recipes and research. Personal stories? Yep- let’s put it all out there! Life is always sweeter when we share our journeys- am I right?

Do you have an inspiring story of a time you found yourself rejoicing on the mountaintop or walking through a valley of life? Training for a half-marathon and looking for tips from other folks over 50? How about a recipe your family craves that your internet friends need to try?  Maybe there’s a health question that you’d love to have answered. Just message me through the Contact page and I’ll take it from there.

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Let’s celebrate this sweet chapter of life together!