Transform 20

I’m trying something new, friends. Over the past year, my fitness routine has taken a back seat. I’ve been so far back that I should probably say that I’ve been riding in the trunk. Yes- I did a pretty decent job of running a few miles for a few days a week throughout the summer … More Transform 20

REPOST- Shop Small Saturday at Cyber Monday Prices

Thought I’d share a post from my Ready Set Peach site that features premium apparel and accessories for all the ladies- young and old- in your life. Happy shopping!! Don’t you just love to shop small whether it be an actual brick-and-mortar place, handmade pieces sold by artists, or an online link? You probably know … More REPOST- Shop Small Saturday at Cyber Monday Prices

Not Acting My Age

According to my middle school students, I don’t act my age. When they try to guess my age, they typically begin in the thirties. I remind them that my oldest child is in her mid-twenties, which should focus their┬ámath. Still, they are truly shocked when they hear my age. Like, ‘expecting-me-to-have-a-casket-ready’ kind of shocked. I’m … More Not Acting My Age