My Two Words

I really love the idea of choosing one word to get me through a new year. It provides a focus. It anchors me. It points North whenever I stray. For 2019, I’m tweaking that one-word formula a bit. I’m choosing two words. I recently read Everybody Always by Bob Goff. Read is probably too fluffy of a … More My Two Words

Lessons for Walking Through the Valleys of Life

I have a friend at work who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Once we hit a certain age, it seems like illnesses and health problems become more common, but not less worrisome. This guy is young, though- just 43. When he started to have unexplained weight loss, extreme exhaustion and a host of other persistent … More Lessons for Walking Through the Valleys of Life

Not Acting My Age

According to my middle school students, I don’t act my age. When they try to guess my age, they typically begin in the thirties. I remind them that my oldest child is in her mid-twenties, which should focus their math. Still, they are truly shocked when they hear my age. Like, ‘expecting-me-to-have-a-casket-ready’ kind of shocked. I’m … More Not Acting My Age